go figure, I had to get sick. I’ve been fighting the flu over the last few days – very sore throat, mild fever that goes from 97.8 – 99.4 degrees F, one moment super hot, next cold, super tired, yet can’t sleep, and did I mention my damn itchy throat?

THAT and I have a crapload of homework to do.

and i miss moncton.


anyway, it’s 6:20am, I woke up coughing up a storm, spent some time brushing my teeth in the bathroom then had some toast and cereal with a banana. I took my multivitamins and 2 extra strength tylenol, and made a nice hot cup of tea and refilled my water bottle.

it looks like it is going to rain today.


was supposed to be organizing pancake breaky for tomorrow but I am going to call facilities and postpone that a week. I can’t be sick and be making pancakes and the way I want to do them is fresh, from scratch and I am the only one with the recepie. Plus I haven’t gotten my expense cheques back yet — so I have no $$$$ to get my wet ingredients with yet… and on Friday, I hope we can get a 2nd coffee pot and maybe a 2nd grill (depends on how much $$$ I have left after the wet ingredients are purchased).

I going to crawl back into bed now.


– Steve

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