I hate my computer. I have a brand new hard drive, but somehow it’s getting infected by a worm when I install Windows (this happened with my old drive too – but I thought I had found the fix). But it looks like I haven’t, and now it won’t even let me apply the old fixes that I did before – I’m trying everything here. How can this be happening?

It won’t even install windows updates properly. Nothing works. Why do people create viruses and worms? What’s the point? I honestly don’t see the benefit for anyone. Maybe I’m being really naive here but seriously, why bother? Do you have that much of no life that you have to sit around and be a pain in the ass to other people?

I did some searching online and found a program that may help – although my credit card is maxed out right now so I’m going to go to London Drugs and see if they have it. I also tried the McAfee Stinger program which did find a few viruses but removed all of them. I’m running it now after doing my 3rd reinstall of Windows. So far it’s found nothing. I’m also visiting Microsoft Technet and downloading a fix that should work – this is the one that worked many moons ago when I first had this problem.

Thank-god my laptop that still works.

I got all the Monster Cable installed in my room. Still no TV until I get my computer up and running again. Grrr. I hope the fix works, it’s rebooting right now… we shall see… *** crosses fingers ***

please please please please please please please please please be ok.

I really don’t want to go to London Drugs to fork out another $40 – $80 on software.

so far, so good?

Going into Windows Update now. Hopefully it will work this time after the other fix I installed.

*** knocks on wood ***


But the damn MESSENGER SERVICE thing is back on – which I always hated, and I forget how to turn it off. OMG SO ANNOYING. That is the next thing to be fixed. Time to turn the damn thing off!

WOOT! It seems to be working!

*** knocks on wood again ***

Now, I’m downloading more Windows Updates… *** waits ***

lots to download… also will have to start installing all my drivers, programs as well as all the udpates I have for my various programs. *** fun ***

So while it’s downloading updates I’m going to go back to dusting my bookcase. I’m taking all the books off of each shelf and polishing each shelf one by one so it’s nice and clean. I also want to re-arrange one of the shelves I have some texts on – move the texts to the top hmmm or to the bottom, I haven’t decided yet. I want them to be more easily accessible, some of the texts I have – I brought some old accounting ones and business ones up that I want to review and I have had them on a shelf that becomes inaccessible when I have my drawing board in my room – so I’m going to move the texts to the top shelf so I can reach them and use them regularly.

my throat isn’t sore anymore, well it is a tiny tiny bit, but not at all like it was. Still coughing up crap =S… but I think I’m over it. I hope to have a long nap later today.

– Steve

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