Something is terribly wrong with my computer. The last reinstall seemed to go fine, and I thought it was updating properly but nothing will install properly. It’s not even remembering what updates were installed from Windows Update. Why???

I didn’t have this much trouble the last time I formatted my old hard drive (the computer was saying there was a fatal error with my old drive each time I started it up, and recommended I get a new one immediately). But last time, just formatting it and reinstalling it worked ok — maybe I need to do that here. I thought putting a new drive in would just be easier to format and reinstall without going through the bother of formatting the old one and worrying about finishing copying some of the TV shows I’d recorded onto the hard drive. I wanted to just put the new drive in, install things and then just copy what I wanted off the old one onto the new one and then just format the old one and hopefully start with a clean sweep.

I may just copy what I can off the old one then set it up again as the primary and format it and try again that way. Last time it seemed to work that way – maybe this time it will work. If not, then I guess maybe it’s just time for a new system. My laptop is much more reliable than my home built one now-a-days. Just too many worms and stuff for me to worry about – of course that can happen with a new system but at least everything in a new system is compatible and built to work with one another instead of worrying whether or not it will work on a home built.

I’ll see if they have that drive scrubbing program at London Drugs today, I’ll also try that in addition to the above. If that doesn’t work then I’ll start shopping for a new system.

– Steve

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