Quote of the Week: Monday, June 20

Innovation as an approach to business growth is simply lazy. Actually it’s worse than that; it’s dangerous… So now we’ve got a bunch of companies that have forgotten all that boring stuff that made them successful in the first place and are getting into areas they don’t know anything about and have no business being in at all. A lot of these companies are showing their commitment to this strategy by creating a new position: CIO. No, that’s not Chief Information Officer. It’s – yep, you guessed it – Chief Innovation Officer. And these CIOs are rattling on and on about how the company is “retooling” and “charting a new course” and “exploring new opportunities.” And let’s not forget about “driving double-digit top-line growth.” The fact that all that top-line growth will probably come at the expense of the more important bottom line doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Except me. – Sergio Zyman, former Chief Marketing Officer, Coca-Cola Company, in his book “Renovate Before You Innovate: Why Doing the NEW thing Might NOT Be the RIGHT Thing”

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