Well, I think I got it working. I was able to finally install the full version of McAfee while logged into the Safe Mode of XP.

I then ran a complete scan of the hard drive after updating the virus program and it found a few trojans and one adware program which it deleted and once that was done things have been smooth sailing. I installed all the Windows updates and now I have to install a few drivers and some programs.

I was browsing today, possibly thinking about getting a new computer. I definitely want a new monitor and I may either go one of three routes:

1. Just do an upgrade – new motherboard, new processor, more RAM – go to like Pentium 4, 3GHz, with lots of RAM. New tower.

2. Get an HP – they have some very nice multi-media computers and I talked to the guy at my own Future Shop who said there were some nice new HPs coming down the pike within the next few months if I can hold out till then.

3. Go MAC – Get a new system, the new MAC G4 I think it is? These beasts are made for multi-media applications – they make feature films on MACs. Definitely something to seriously look into I think.

My Mom wants a computer, so maybe going the HP route for her would be good, if I am seriously considering doing more serious film stuff, maybe I should consider having a Mac for that, and then for everything else I do, since a huge part of me still likes Windows and the stuff it offers – I can just hang onto my laptop, and maybe even get a good multimedia HP laptop (the new one they have out now – sooo nice – P4, 3GHz, 1GB RAM (upgradable), 200 GB HD (with a way of getting another one hooked up to it), all the slots and plugs for multi-media devices, outputs to send signals to like your TV or a nice monitor, very very nice. Dual layer 16x DVD Burner. 17″ widescreen that is very sharp – I am in love with this baby but the price is sticky $2,499.

But in the fall, they will probably come out with an even better model — I’m not looking to replace my laptop right now but at least I have some options open to me with new models of computers coming to look at. Also, getting like a full HP or MAC, I can get it with a full product service plan that can be used to take the hasstle out of owning it – i.e. if something goes wrong I can hand it over to someone else and they take care of it at little cost to me, whereas right now, with a homebuilt model, although it can be fun to maintain and keep up, can be taxing on the time.

Anyway, it’s 2:20am now, I gotta get to bed – pancake breaky in the morning on campus followed by a candy sale – I hope to be able to leave campus by about 2 or 3pm, to come home, finish installing stuff and finish cleaning and organizing my dresser area and the piles of stuff around my desk… I so need a tiny two shelf bookshelf next to my desk under the window to hold some of the crap on top of my dresser, so it’s less messy looking in my room! Problem is I can’t find a little tiny one, they are all big and too tall for the spot =S

– Steve

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