computer upgrade possibilities…

well, I looked today at Powersonic, an indy computer store in Richmond that I’ve done business with in the past.

I looked into the cost of upgrading to a Pentium 4, 3.4Ghz, with a good Asus motherboard that supports multi-media applications. I also looked at doing 1 GB of RAM and to do that would be about $650. I have a good hard drive already, and DVD burner (although I may pickup at Future shop a dual layer burner). I think I may go with 2 GB of RAM and that would add another $100 or so. I also want a new tower and it’s a toss up between a generic grey one that’s $65 or getting an Antec tower, which run at about $120 but are supposed to be very quiet which is a bonus – I hate hearing the fans running all the time.

The guy is willing to take a trade in on my old motherboard (also an ASUS) and P3 chip with 1 GB of RAM. I may also throw in my older DVD-Burner and my Monitor and see what he can offer me. Altogether the above would cost about $950 plus tax which is within my budget and will really give me a power PC. My Mom wants to learn how to use the computer as well and wants me to get a better monitor — I have a good one but depending on what I save with the trade in above, I should be able to get a good 19″ or 21″ flat panel monitor which would be easy to see for her. Also would make watching movies on my computer and doing video editing better as I can see the picture better on a bigger monitor.

So we’ll see, I’m going to shell out the final numbers and play around with it and see what I can do. Should be able to do ok. I’ll end up with a better system I think this way, rather than going with an HP multi-media PC which would run at about $1,500 or more (with tax on top) and I can still use my Creative Audigy surround sound card, my All-In-Wonder, etc.

If Mom wants her own computer a year from now or so, we can get a Future Shop HP, and get Product Service Plan so that if anything goes wrong after I move out, it’s very easy for her to get it serviced if I’m not nearby. They even are getting Geek Squad with technicians that’ll come to the house which would be ideal for Mom.

So Mom is willing to put a bit towards this, for the monitor part anyway, which is good. Every little bit helps – gotta love Moms!

– Steve

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