so happy =)

We raised about $60 at our Pancake breakfast which wasn’t bad. It was on target revenue wise – it’s half of what we wanted to raise by doing a few of them this summer. I’ve budgeted to make $120 from all the Pancake breakfasts we do this Summer and we plan on doing at least one more.

We probably could’ve made more at the breakfast, but we blew the breaker a few times when we started out and it took time to reset them and get it going so that we wouldn’t blow the breakers. That took a lot of time away and I ended up just giving people extra pancakes for being patient and waiting and didn’t charge some people who had to wait.

I’m worried the rain will kill the carwash we have planned for this weekend. It’s so gross outside today and it was last night as well.

We’ll see.

We have about half a dozen non-profit organizations signed up for next week’s Canada Day event – which is great. Going to hopeully finish signing up more today.

– Steve

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