steve lee wow???

I feel accomplished today. Yesterday, the breakfast went well – the first one we’ve done in Richmond. Today we’ll do our first candy sale fundraiser, and promote the crap out of Canada Day and the Canada Day Pub Night.

Got the computer working =)

Installing all the programs takes forever though. There are some that have had updates to them and I want to get the latest of those, they are like new versions and they have special upgrade offers so I’m going to purchase them later today.

I want to get a new dual layer DVD burner and I may upgrade my tower – going to maybe look around today or tomorrow, if not next week. I found a memory card slot reader that slides into the drive bay, they have them standard on a lot of new computers but it was hard to find one that you could add to an existing computer but now there are like a few different kinds so I want to get that. I have one that sits on the desk but anything that helps remove desk clutter is a good thing.

Anyway, gotta finish installing Office.

ta-ta for now,

– Steve

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