New Computer: Installed

Well, it’s done. Almost.

I upgraded my computer. I now run a:

As combined with stuff I already had…

And it’s all plugged into the new ASUS P5P800 Motherboard as housed in the amazing new Antec P180 case (nice, expandable and quiet), with an Antec NeoPower 480W power supply.

I was also able to find a memory card reader at London Drugs that fits into a 3.5″ external floppy drive bay, so I don’t have to plug an external reader into the machine and waste precious table top space.

And to top it off, Mom did want a new monitor that she can actually see on, so I upgraded from a Samsung SyncMaster 700NF to a Samsung SyncMaster 213T (With a Future Shop 5 Year Product Service Plan), which got solid reviews on

I purchased the motherboard, processor and RAM from the good folks at Powersonic. I purchased the Case and the Power Supply from NCIX and I purchased the Hard Drives, the DVD-Burner and Monitor from Future Shop.

Now it’s time to finish installing all the software updates.

– Steve

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