Life Goes On…

I’m always choosing moods that are kinda meh and bleh and just ok. So today, I thought I’d try and jumpstart my mindset by proclaiming that I’m really ready to party! YEAH BABY YEAH!

** SMILES **

Late last night I reorganized my secondary hard drive so I could format my primary hard drive and reinstall Windows XP.

The nice thing about my new hardware setup is that my Internet connection is not automatically started when I install Windows. I have to install a driver supplied by Asus.

So what I did last night was install Windows, then I did a virus check with the free virus program (no viruses!), and then I installed McAfee. I then ran the full virus check (again – no problems!). I then finally installed Zone Alarm: Pro, a firewall program and made sure it was working ok.

Then, I installed the internet driver needed to get access to the Internet – and voila! – no problems!

*** knocks on wood ***

Immediately though, the firewall blocked access from something outside the computer that immediately within seconds of connecting to the Internet, wanted to access my computer. Since I started the Internet, the firewall has blocked 65 access attempts, 4 of those were high-rated (which I guess means they were really, really bad).

So far no viruses or worms or trojans =)

*** crosses fingers ***

I’m now installing the required Windows updates, hopefully for the last time. From now on, I’m so totally going to set a defrag and scandisc to occur at least weekly to help keep my drives in good working order. And when I do do the reinstall of Windows, which I like to do every 6 to 8 months, I’ll make sure I install the antivirus software and internet security programs before I connect to the net and hopefully I’ll never have these problems again.

Anyway, I wanna finish installing some of these updates, then head to school. I’m studying actually, while I install the updates. So the less time I spend writing here = more time to study.

– Steve

PS. It looks like I may be going back to work at Future Shop??? I dunno, but in the last month 2 people have quit (1 part time, only about 8 hours a week; 1 full time), 1 transferred out of Entertainment and 1 person was officially fired only days ago… I was in on Sunday and a lot of people I know in the store were like go see Dylan (our Entertainment Coordinator) next week, get some hours back!

So I have to think about that – right now I don’t mind not having hours, mainly because I know if I do get hours I may not spend enough time studying. So I’m thinking maybe wait tilL September. Plus, Mom is going in for surgery within the next few weeks and will need help at home during recovery.

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