Canada Day BBQ went OK

The Canada Day BBQ went ok, besides the fact that the three boxes of veggie burgers we had acquired earlier in the year were freezer burned and useless, but the veggie dogs we had were fine and they’ve been in the same freezer but they were sealed so no air could get at them. So if we get more bulk veggie burgers I’m going to borrow or get ahold of a thing that will allow us to suck the air out of whatever package they are in so that they won’t get burned in the future.

What else? We had about half a dozen non-profits on campus, which was cool. Among them: Amnesty International; Battered Women’s Support Services Society; the Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS; AIDS Vancouver; the Canadian Federation of Students; Travelcuts; the KSA Ombudsperson; the KSA Women¿s Liaison. There may have been two or three more but my mind is drawing a big blank right now.

We raised $86.25 altogether as the BBQ was by donation. We had no recommended donation set and I didn’t even buget to make anything off of the summer BBQ so that will be $86.25 on top of whatever else we make this summer with our other fundraising events. I still need to look at our budget to see where we are at in terms of our budget, and compile to-date expense reports for my conference, for the pancake breakfast, this week’s BBQ, etc.


We also brainstormed ideas to make sure our next pub night doesn’t bomb and that we actually sell tickets this time. We budgeted to sell 15 tickets for the one we were going to do tonight — and 20 at the end of semester one. We’ve decided to aim for 60, unofficially, and I’d love to have 100 out. We’re going to brainstorm things to do at the pub night early next week so we can use that to advertise and we’re going to try and get some good prizes donated – maybe a night for two at a nice hotel downtown or something, or a weekend in Whistler or something? Something cool. I’d like to do a draw for some of the prizes as a way to raise some more funding so we have extra cash to play with in the fall. Campus Council budgets are so tight that we have to do a bit of fundraising on the side now just to help do more for students.

Students do pay a lot for their schooling but if they can pay a little, a fraction of what you would pay for entertainment anywhere else, and get a lot more for it – then I think that’s a good thing. If everyone pays $5 or $7 or $10 for an event and everyone can leave with a prize, and a lot of good memories of time spent with some great people, then it’s money well spent.

– Steve

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