Another CANADA DAY Come & Gone…

Spent Canada Day with two great friends – Christine and Cassandra at Canada Place. My dream of actually making it out to Granville Island to see the parade didn’t quite work out, which is ok — we got to see a lot of the exhibits, acts and displays at Canada Place. Got to eat corn on the cob, fish & chips, mini-donoughts, fresh lemonade and more. And we ended the day checking out the IMAX Vancouver shows of Alaska: Spirit of the Wild and Wild Safari 3D.

I’ll post pics someday soon.

Last night was topped off nicely spending time chatting with Cassity, a girl I’ve been chatting with online who lives and is studying in Calgary, Alberta (if only she lived closer!). I haven’t chatted with her in about two months so it was a pleasure chatting with her late into the evening. She always makes me smile =)

Work on my movies database continues. I like the information I’m able to put into the database, but I’m not sure on how to best present the information in report form. Access reports are a pain in the ass to create – they never look good.

– Steve

Alternative websites:

Wild Safari 3D

Alaska: Spirit of the Wild

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