new CPU fan installed

I’d installed the motherboard monitoring software that came with my ASUS P5P800 motherboard and found that the Intel CPU heat sink wasn’t keeping the CPU cool enough. The ASUS program recommends giving a warning to you if it reaches 72C, and I found that even when doing hardly anything, the range was between 68C – 80C!

So I did some investigating online, and found the Artic Freezer 7 heat sink which was supposed to help keep CPU running at much cooler levels.

So I got out to NCIX on Broadway just as they were about to close today and was able to pick one up. I installed it, moved my 5 1/4 drive bay devices around as I didn’t like how I had originally installed them and voila I was ready to go.

Upon reboot, the ASUS monitoring program had the CPU temperature reading at about 40C – 45C which is a much cooler running temperature.

Now, I notice I’ve installed my floppy disk drive wrong, the light is on steady =S

time to power down and check the cable.

– Steve

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