I’m hyped. Abfab Season 5 and Abfab Special were on sale at Amazon.ca for $16.99 and $13.49 respectively. So I ordered them today!

For awhile they weren’t available — I thought I’d missed out on the deal and was kinda bummed. I visited the site today and VOILA they were available again so I ordered it immediately!

It’s A SWEET GREAT DEAL considering staff purchase at Future Shop for these items is over $29 each, and regular purchase is over $39 each! I’m psyched to be completing my AbFab collection – I’m going to have an AbFab day soon!

I also ordered Steve Spielberg’s first film, The Sugarland Express for $13.49 to bring my order above $40 which qualified me for free shipping.

I should get my items before next Friday.

I also picked up yesterday, The Muppet Show: Season 1 for $39.99 at Future Shop.

My friend Lisa Ha… when she was in the USA last fall, ordered for me the box that you use to hold the Extended Editions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – she was online last night and said, it came. I had no clue she even ordered it – last fall I asked her if she could do it and she was going to look into ordering it (as you could only order it in the USA) and look at having it sent to her sister’s house, who would then send it up to Canada to her for me to get. So it’s here now and next time I see her I’ll get it. It’s great for people like me who acquired the three giftsets, which come with a lot of extra stuff. When the third giftset was released last year for Return of the King, US customers could order the cardboard sleave that holds all three films together, but Canadian customers couldn’t. The sleave is now sold as part of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy boxset that only includes the extended editions of the films, and none of the other giftset items. So that is very cool… now all I need to do is purchase the Two Towers Giftset, which I was going to do sometime this fall.

Work on my movies database continues. I’ve entered just over 400 titles, of just over 1,200 titles to enter. So about 800 left to go. I hope to have them entered by end of August. I’ve created reports now for not only an in-depth title listing and a basic title listing, but a sorted title listing for foreign films, as well as a sorted listing for which distributors distribute films (which will be good to have once Kwantlen has a film licence and we can screen films on campus in the lounges, I can easily find which films we are allowed to screen from my collection on campus), as well as a report that lists films by director (I want it to be eventually a list by director, from their first film to their latest film… so sorted by the year the films came out, that way you can watch their early stuff right through to their latest stuff if you wanted to). Eventually, if I want I can sort by composer, DP and Editor and even by actor. But right now, I don’t have a real need to do that but it’s nice to know the option is there.

IT’S SO FRACKIN’ COOL!!!!!!!!!! —- I so should’ve done this database a long time ago!

The titles list also adds up how many films are in the collection, how many are widescreen, and I also got it to add up how many minutes the entire collection consists of followed by how many hours those minutes are and how many consecutive days it would take just to watch the entire collection from start to finish without sleeping… right now it’s at 40.76 consecutive days! I may twiddle with the equation and get it to show you how many REALISTIC days it would take to watch my collection, that is have it so that it allots say three hours per day for watching films, at say, maybe 4 nights a week?

Isn’t it fun —- the nice little useless trivia that you can pull from my new movies database listing?

Anyway, I have to jet (I’m such a materialistic movie whore),

– Steve

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