Finished the List…

Well, I spoke prematurely earlier. When I reconcilled my online list with my new database list, I found I had left out some “F” and “G” titles.

So now the list is complete and it’s now online and up to date on my website at

Final DVD Title Count: 1,318
Number of Discs: 1,704
Number of LBX (Widescreen) Titles: 1,048

Total Number of Minutes: 181,207
Total Number of Hours: 3,020.12
Total Number of Days to Watch: 125.84
Total Number of Days Only Watching 2 1/2 hours per day: 1,208.05


Final VHS Title Count: 20
Number of Tapes: 22
Number of LBX (Widescreen) Titles: 5

– Steve

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