Well, this week I formatted my computer’s hard drive, as well as my laptop’s hard drive and reinstalled everything from scratch. Needless to say, everything is running much smoother now on both systems. My laptop had become incredibly slow but now it’s running as it did when I first got it almost three years ago. Within the next month or so I may max out the RAM on my laptop, from its current 512 MB to 1GB. Otherwise, it runs fine.

I’ve added some stuff to the inspiration section of my website, as follows:

Astrological Interpretation: Full Body Horoscopes

All About Love…


The Friendship Ball


Moving Thoughts…

My Dearest Friend…

Old Fashioned Love

We Can Learn a Lot from the animals…

All of the above additions are from e-mails I got over the years. I also added the following to my humour section:


As I clean up my hard drive, sort through the myriad of files that I have on it, I’ll be adding more to the humour section in the weeks and months to come. Basically, everything I’ve ever been sent that I have saved on my hard drive, I want to finally get put online.

That’s it for now. I picked up some short story compelations today by Hemingway, Carol Shields and by MG Vassanji. I’m currently revisiting Salinger’s Nine Stories as I continue to read James Frey’s brilliant memoir, a million little pieces. Time to do some reading.

– Steve

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