Life or something like it

Well, today we have a new addition to our family – a new Maltese-poodle cross, a white little girl who we may end up naming “Angel.” She’s timid, which concerned us but more and more she’s getting used to her new surroundings.

Part of her timidness I think arose from the fact that she’d spent her youth growing up in a barn on a farm (wow – that rhymes), and she hadn’t been bathed in awhile. She did have some poopies stuck to her hair on her bum, and when we bathed her they were caked into the hair and she cried and whined a bit as my Mom and I worked to get her clean. Poor little girl. But tonight, she’s perked right up and her confidence is showing, which is always a good thing.

We got her from a reputable breeder and farm out in Langley. They get their pups from various breeders across the province and put sell them locally, directly to people interested in acquiring a new dog. We got our first Maltese-poodle cross from this place 8 years ago and we’ve had a lot of good luck with Kikko and had no reservations about contacting them again to get our new baby.

We’ll keep our eye on her, and see how she is over the next few days. If she continues to be timid and shy, we may or may not re-evaluate whether or not that is a good thing and whether that is something we will be able to deal with. We spoke with the people tonight and they said that puppies who have been separated from their family can often be a bit quiet, timid and scared for a few days after the separation (she had 4 brothers!). But as I noted, she had a lot more energy tonight and we’re hopeful she’ll be just fine.

We had Kikko scheduled for her monthly bath and cut in the morning at the groomer, and we called them today to see if they could do our new puppy and they can. So that will be good!

What else… I did more statistics studying today, and I started writing my first movie review of a DVD I watched last night. I hope to post it in a few days.

And that’s about it. Bleh. I’m feeling better today. Unfortunately, I was too late in trying to get hours at my Future Shop and so I’ve applied at other Future Shops that still had online postings looking for seasonal workers and I also applied for HMV and a few other stores. A small cafe next to my building is also hiring, I may go and see what they are looking for and drop off my resume there. A less than 2-minute walk to work is never a bad thing. If I don’t get any hours anywhere, it’s not a huge deal, I can spend the holidays drawing and writing, studying my online courses that I’m still doing and review some movies. I’ll just have to watch my spending (but Mom did say today she’d help me out if I found things to be too tight, which was really nice of her).

Anyway, going to relax and read some more.

– Steve

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