Well, didn’t do too hot on our international business project, which I kinda expected. Hopefully with the other marks in the class I’ll still pass the course. Anyway, I’m not going to get stressed over it.

Today I’ve been working on cleaning up our kitchen. I have been pulling every corner apart and scrubbing it. I was going to start Christmas baking today but started to tidy up and what was going to be a quick tidy up became this in-depth job. Cleaned the oven, cleaned most of the cupboards and drawers and the utensils. Still some cupboards and drawers left to do, which I’ll go finish in a moment.

Going to do the floor tonight as well, and the carpet we have in the eating area. With our new puppy, her learning how to go to the bathroom has resulted in some accidents on that carpet.

I went to Biz Books today, and browsed around and found some great books. I bought a few as well. I got two very good books on doing treatments (which I will have to do in the screenwriting course I take in January), another book called Making a Good Writer Great: A Creativity Workbook for Screenwriters by Linda Seger and finally a book called Myth and the Movies: Discovering the Mythic Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films by Stuart Voytilla. The book is a companion piece of sorts to Christopher Vogler’s important work The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers which explores the elements of the Hero’s Journey as developed by Mr. Vogler, based on his study of the work of Joseph Campbell and others. I’m a little disappointed; of the 50 works chosen I only own 34 of them 😉

So I’ll work through those books in the next few weeks. I just finished The Writer’s Journey and plan on writing a review on it shortly.

They also have (at a very good price that’s comparable to the online student pricing that this company offers), Final Draft Scriptwriter’s Suite. It’s priced at $385 Canadian, which is about $70 CDN higher than the educational pricing the company offers. But when you add on the costs of shipping & handling, etc. the store price isn’t that bad, plus Biz Books is the only Vancouver distributor for the product and they are a small business and whatever small profit they get off the package is probably worth it. My Mom was willing to get me this nice tripod device for my camcorder for Christmas but I’m going to ask for this instead… want to really work on developing the many story ideas I have for various projects and this program is supposed to be one of the best for taking those ideas and producing them into workable, usable documents.

Anyway, should get back to cleaning.

– Steve

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