– strange but true

Well, last night I ordered two movies – The Sword of Gideon, a movie from the late 1980s based on the novel Vengance by George Jonas (which in and of itself is also the basis for Spielberg’s new movie, Munich) and One Day in September which is an award-winning documentary. All of these films of course chronicle the events that occurred at the 1972 Munich Olympics, in which a number of Israeli athletes were murdered.

Anyway, this afternoon I received an e-mail saying One Day in September had been shipped. It also said: “We thought you’d like to know that we shipped this portion of your order separately to give you quicker service. You won’t be charged
any extra shipping fees, and the remainder of your order will follow as soon as those items become available.”

So I thought, well ok, they are having troubles getting Sword of Gideon, whatever. I’d have ordered it from but that site noted that the title wasn’t available for 6 – 8 weeks, the American site said it was available in 2 – 3 days.

Then tonight, I received an e-mail saying Sword of Gideon had been shipped. Both e-mails estimate them coming at the same time – between December 29 – January 5. I’ve found recently the estimations are conservative, my Mother and me have recently ordered a number of items from both the Canadian and American sites and they’ve all arrived on time or early.

So I talked to my Mom today and got my Christmas present today Final Draft Scriptwriters Suite. I installed it on my laptop and have to install it yet on my main hard drive. I’m looking forward to using it to develop my story ideas. I chose this suite because it has both Final Draft which is designed for film and tv scripts as well as theatre plays; and it has Final Draft AV which is designed for doing documentaries, videos and advertising commercials. And I have ideas for all areas that this package covers, that I want to develop over time.

So that’s cool.

In spite of some issues in terms of our group project for International Business, which unfortunately we scored low on, I was able to pass the course with a C+. I’m glad the term is over with; it was harrowing dealing with KSA stuff. I’m looking forward to the spring term. I’ve been working hard on my online courses which I’m continuing into the spring, till at least the end of February, although I have until the end of January for one final extension of an additional two months which would give me to the end of April. But I can’t drag my feet any longer with those courses. Especially as I want to take a few more online courses and I want to have them all done by June.

Anyway, time for bed.

– Steve

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