the awards: so far…

Well, so far I’ve gotten 8 predictions right:

1. Best Supporting Actor – George Clooney
2. Best Achievement in Visual Effects – King Kong
3. Best Animated Feature – Wallace & Gromit
4. Best Achievement in Costume Design – Memoirs of a Geisha
5. Best Achievement in Makeup – Chronicles of Narnia
6. Best Supporting Actress – Rachel Weisz
7. Best Documentary Feature – Mach of the Penguins
8. Best Original Score – Brokeback Mountain

I got 3 wrong:

1. Best Short Film, Animated – I guessed ONE MAN BAND, the winner was THE MOON AND THE SON
2. Best Documentary, Short Subject – I guessed GOD SLEEPS IN RWANDA, and the winner was A NOTE OF TRIUMPH
3. Best Achievement in Art Direction – I guessed KING KONG (which got robbed!), and the winner was MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA

I didn’t bother trying to predict the BEST SHORT FILM, LIVE ACTION (I shouldn’t have tried predicting any of the short subjects actually, Roger Ebert didn’t, I should have followed his lead), and the winner here was SIX SHOOTER.

So yeah, the night marches on. I gotta get some homework done.

– Steve

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