Monday, April 10, 2006.

6:16 am.

I got up about an hour ago, no strike that, I was up on and off all night, I remember glancing at the clock at 3:16 am, thinking it was later and I remember being disappointed when I saw I still had two hours to go before I’d have to get up.

My alarms didn’t work. Even my cell phone alarm, which is usually very loud and annoying, failed to go off. Luckily, my internal system is so wired that I was able to wake-up at the right time, to double check the time, to double check in my mind if I really wanted to get up, or if I simply wanted to sleep longer.

So no, I didn’t sleep longer, not today. I did get out of bed, I checked the clocks, to see why they didn’t go off, and then, I made my bed, slid on some underwear and a t-shirt before looking out the window for awhile, at the darkness outside, the fog that seemed to lie over Stanley Park, the sky that blurred the North Shore mountains.

I then proceeded to go into the kitchen to make tea. Well, I boiled the water at any rate. I still haven’t gone back to make tea.

I opened the cage for our little puppy-dog, so she could get out and stretch her legs. She stretched her legs, but didn’t move far from her bed. Too damn early to be up is the look she gave me. So I left her be, to get ready for the day.

So then, I proceeded to shower, starting by brushing my teeth. I did my teeth, gargled mouthwash, flossed and did my teeth again. Last night I used Crest Night Effects, this paste that you paint onto your teeth to help create a whiter smile. The stuff is incredibly difficult to paint onto your teeth.

I then showered, dried off, and trimmed my beard. I even shaved my throat, to make sure I look proper. I used deodorant and sprayed on some Stetson cologne, which is now bothering my allergies slightly.

Now, I’m sitting here writing my blog. My Mom comes to say goodbye, and wish me luck on my first day back to work. My Dog is getting anxious, scratching and crying at the door. I guess she’s awake now, and wants to visit.

So I’ll visit her, make some tea and eat some cereal. And then I’ll head to work, travelling along the skytrain and out to Surrey.

Take care everyone,

– Steve

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