So it’s been like 3 months since I posted on my blog, and it’s been 6 months since I posted copy here at LJ.

But I’ve made the jump. Today I sucked it up and purchased a year’s worth of LJ. The circle is now complete, my life at Tripod is coming to an end.

Earlier this month I switched from Tripod to Eventually will allow me to host everything related to mysite on one place (site, forum, blog, etc.) but right now I don’t have the time to invest in redesigning my site to incorporate those features. So for now, I’ll continue using LJ. But I can finally start getting video and picutres online. So expect way more of that in the months to come!

I’m also glad I was able to expand my blogs link list to LJ with the one year’s plan I purchased. I also like how I could categorize them into friends, arts and politics topics.

Work goes okay. I’m enjoying it to a degree. But I’m at a crossroads. Do I make HR my career of choice? Or entertainment?

I have to make up my mind!

It’s now or never!

But life took a jolt this week with my Mother being in the hospital and having a procedure done where they looked at her heart, and found some blockages. They were able to insert some stilts, which help expand the arteries that are blocked and help the blood flow again. My Mother was having bad angina like attacks – severe chest pains and ended up going to St. Paul’s Hospital last week. I ended up being able to get the week off work to help her out, to visit her regularly and help her through that and to look after our two dogs here at home.

My Mother already had some major surgery to remove some blockages they found in the arteries in her neck, and so now this on top of that was a bit of a shock, because previous tests had revealed no blockage in the heart.

It’s also scary because it’s only been a year and a half since we lost Dad.

It’s made me want to get myself in shape and get rid of the junk food we had in our house. Today, when my Mother had a follow-up with our family doctor, I was lucky to have been able to go in myself for an appointment for a checkup. I need to lose some weight. Tomorrow, I go in and get my bloodwork done.

I’m 216. Last October, when I last saw the doctor, I was 201. I should be at about 170-180 lbs. But I’m not. I’m out of shape. I eat too much junk food. I’m going to fix up my bike this weekend and get riding again. I’ll rewatch SUPERSIZE ME so that I can remember why it’s not good to eat McCrap.

I don’t want to be my Mother in 30 years, having this kind of surgery done. I don’t want to end up with diabetes. I want to be able to live to be 60, or 70 or even 80 (my Dad made it to 80).

I want to be healthy again!

Anyway, back to studying… and our dog is crying… time to take them walkies! … and then some bedtime sleep would be nice!

– Steven

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