Finished the “Pictures of Life” section, as well as finally the “All About Me” section.

I did updated two games, “Dots” and “Tic-Tac-Toe.” I actually noticed I had direct links to the games on Tripod, so I had to update the links that went to those two games. There are about half a dozen other games on my site, so my apologies if you can’t access them properly.

I may do the “Inspiration” page sometime later on today. If not, it’ll get done next weekend, along with the “Crime Prevention” section, the “Humour,” “Read” and “Watch” sections. I’ll probably do everything except for the “Humour” section. The “Humour” section will be a weekend all to itself. But by the end of the month my entire site should be updated.

The nice thing is I’m noticing stuff that I didn’t notice on Tripod. That is, some links and stuff I had relied on “” and only now am I discovering I had done that.

If I ever move my site again, it’ll be easier.

We gave both our dogs baths today. Could be the last bath we ever give Angel. They are now both snuggled up in towels, resting in their cages. I’ll let Angel stay in my room tonight, as it could very well be the last few hours I get to spend with her. I’ll also take her for a very short morning walk when I’m up at 4am tomorrow. I sure will miss her a lot.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 4:30pm. Then have a group meeting, then get to come home.

I’m charging up some rechargable batteries (which everyone should use) and now I’m going to work on some other work. I also want to watch at least two hours of Shoah, and get a short walk in with the dogs.

– Steven

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