finished more sections…

Well, I’ve updated the “All About Me” and the “Pictures of Life” sections. Well, not done the “Pictures of Life” section but almost done, just three more areas of that to edit, the Sheri section, the patti section and my trip to Montreal section.

I also noticed I hadn’t done some parts of the “Kwantlen” section; and perhaps, I may do the “Inspiration” section today, as it’s not very large. That will leave me with the “Crime Prevention,” “Humour,” “Read” and “Watch” sections left to do.

With these sections, I’m ensuring all site graphics are working and properly linked up, as well, I’m checking to see that the navigational links are working properly.

Last night, I let our dog Angel stay with me in my room. She may be going to a new home on the island next week, so I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with her. She’s so adorable but she is full of a lot of energy. She makes warp speed look slow. I wish we could keep her, but with my Mum’s heart problems, she’s too much for her to handle. And with me working during the day everyday, I’m not home enough to look after her. If we perhaps lived in a building with a gated courtyard we could take her there for a run each day but we don’t have that. We also would never take her to an off leash park because she’s too wild, and combined with her nervous nature, when she is outside around other people, she may run from the park into traffic or something and get hurt.

As I look for a place of my own, I know one thing that is important to me is finding a place that has a small courtyard, so that if I ever get a dog of my own, it will have a place to run around.

I’ve been very conflicted and somewhat selfish about this. I was mad at my Mom for wanting to give Angel away. But I understand that it’s probably the right thing to do. Even as I type this and part of me wants to cry because Angel has brought a lot of love to our lives – a lot of love and happiness. I know that it’s probably for the best. Even at times when I am home, and I have studying or reading to do, she’ll come and want to play and monkey around with me and I can’t. Kikko, our other dog, being older and smaller, has less energy and is content to just lie on the couch or the bed while I read and study.

Also, it’s taken Kikko a long time to get used to Angel, and she still has a long way to go. It’s way better now though, but still, again – it’s a lot of energy looking after both of them.

If my Mom was in better health she wouldn’t get rid of Angel. I know this is probably a decision that hurts Mum way more than it hurts me, because she has been with Angel almost everyday since she came into our lives back in December 2005.

Anyway, I want to get this stuff done that I’m working on, so I can finish it. I wanna take Angel out for a run, take her and Kikko (our other dog, older, smaller at 10lbs to Angel’s 15lbs) to Stanley Park. I may go with my friend Janny tonight, so she can walk one of them and I can walk the other and then also video tape both of them. Maybe if I can, I will get ahold of a friend in the old building I used to live in, so that we can go in the old courtyard that was there, and let them both run loose, and video tape them romping around. For memory’s sake.

– Steven

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