Well, it appears I lost all the stuff I had on my SATA drive. I had purchased a new 320 GB drive about two weeks ago. I moved to it all my video and MP3 files and then formatted my two old drives. That went well, but now Windows won’t recognize the new drive, or it does, but it wants to format it from scratch. I did everything I thought I could do to get it working, but without luck. I even checked the connections. I’ve never had a drive so big, so it makes me wonder why this has happened. I may not have had it setup right to begin with.

It’s not a huge loss, it’s a pain in the but to be sure BUT I do luckily have all my video backed up, i.e. in the original tapes. So I will simply have to redownload and work with stuff from scratch. Which isn’t a bad thing. I just want to make sure if I ever want to format my primary drive again in the future, anything I put on the SATA drive won’t be forever lost each time.

So today I reinstalled things again on my primary drive, Windows at least. Right now, I am simply updating windows, and going from there. In my initial reinstall earlier this week I think I had some strange worm or virus that fracked things up but I was able to properly install my virus scan and firewall before reconecting to the web and things appear to be okay.

My stomach has been a bit off today. I was supposed to go with Lisa to the fireworks tonight but I decided to cancel, I feel bad cause I cancelled late, in fact, I fell asleep for a few hours and slept through her calls to me. I didn’t talk to her until about 8pm. I feel bad, like I’ve let her down, cause I’ve not been looking after my health lately.

Back to some reading.

– Steven

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