my allergies are bothering me slightly and i’m snacky. as i write this, i’m sniffling.

i was up fairly early this morning, finishing the install of some updates. my computer is now once again, up to date.

i spent some time drafting instructions to the lawyers representing the Concerned Students of Kwantlen, something i should have done yesterday. i hope i can get more into that in the days to come by posting more stuff online.

i ended up leaving for work at just before 8am, was able to skytrain out and get some reading done on route. i got to work just after 9am, and stayed there until about 5:30pm. i arrived downtown, and had a salmon burger at triple o’s, and did some more reading there.

spent an hour on the phone with lisa talking about ksa, life and how it takes forever to clean and organize our spaces. i was hoping we could hang out on saturday all day, watching spike lee movies but that might only be able to happen on friday night now as she has to help her family prepare for a reunion type get together they are having at her place on sunday. and i’m invited.

we’ll get to see spike lee on saturday night. he is speaking live at the orpheum. it should be great. my mum bought me a ticket as a present, and i in turn bought lisa a ticket as an early birthday present for her. happy birthday lisa 😉

i read some more tonight, finished rereading Primo Levi’s If this is a man: survival in Auschwitz (ok, it’s just Survival in Auschwitz but the original title was if this is a man which to me is much more dramatic and is thematically much closer to the many personal explorations that thread throughout the book. still have to finish an essay that i’ve been dragging my feet on.


one guy on MSN has a hilarious username – “f@$# you totoro, you’re not MY neighbour

my ex has (heart) just feels right with you which always has me feeling a bit down becuase i know that (heart) is for someone else. not that i deserve any (heart)

not much else happened today, got to hang out a bit with kikko while i was on the phone with lisa. kikko is our little black maltese-poodle. she turned nine on the weekend, which apparently makes her 63 in human years.

she so old

but she was licking everything tonight. she’s done that a lot lately, licking the bedspread non stop, in three different areas. kinda gross. it’s not like she’s not given water or food, she’s totally spoiled. but a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do i guess

i just wolfed down a coffee crisp ice cream bar, which wasn’t as cold as i would have liked. stupid freezer, it’s more like a fridge. it kinda bugged this sore i have in my mouth, from biting my the side of my mouth (ouch). so what i thought would be refreshing was more of a pain than anything else.

going to go brush my teeth, take some allergy med and read a bit more.

– Steven

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