How Steve Lee is angry … and why

well, tonight Lisa Coan and I were ready to see Director Spike Lee speak at the Orpheum theatre. “An Evening with Spike Lee” was presented in part by The Georgia Straight, The Beat 94.5 FM Radio Station and Harmony Airways.

i had purchased my tickets online a number of weeks ago, for Lisa and myself (it was actually an early birthday present from me to Lisa) and I didn’t get a chance to get to a ticketmaster outlet to pick up my tickets until early this afternoon

i met Lisa at the Granville Street Skytrain, where she said she had overheard some people saying the show might not be happening – that spike might not have been able to make it. phooey i said, usually the artists for these things arrive the day before, or very early on the day of. when Oliver Stone came almost ten years ago, he had come the day before and had spent the day enjoying Vancouver, and then doing a book signing in the late afternoon before the show

a person like spike would no doubt have the resources to ensure he made his show

we reached the Orpheum theatre approximately ten minutes before showtime, which should have been plenty of time to find our seats and be ready to enjoy the show, but what do we find? people outside the doors, peering into a darkened lobby, with large 11 by 17 signs on the window.

in a nutshell, the signs stated that the show had been cancelled due to issues with travel. which very well could be the case, but from my understanding things are running fairly smoothly again, even if they were not 24 hours ago

but it’s still possible that mr. lee did not want to deal with the hasstle of trying to get here, or worse, something else came up. you’d think harmony airways could’ve bent over backwards to ensure he got here

the signs did not indicate that the show would be rescheduled, just that people could get a full refund on monday morning from tiketmaster.

no other online source seems to discuss the cancellation. and spike doesn’t seem to have his own website, just a wiki page that also has a link to the page about mr. lee

with all the buildup with interviews, articles and information appearing in The Vancouver Sun, The Province and on, you’d think the show would have gone on

but thanks to twenty-four nutjobs who are now warming a British jail cell, mr. lee couldn’t get from wherever he was to vancouver in time to talk about this kinda shit

so that’s why steve lee is angry

and i hope they can reschedule him to come back soon – vancouver deserves to hear from spike lee!

in the end, Lisa and i went and shared some desert and green tea at caffe sette before walking back to my place to watch some chris rock stand up

we would have watched a spike lee joint but all the joints i own are longer than 120 min, and we only had about 90 min to spend on watching something, as she had to be home tonight for a family bbq that is happening tomorrow (or later today i guess, now that it is 12:35am)

good night, time to read, enjoy myself and sleep

– steve

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