Settlements Reached

I’ve posted the orders of the Supreme Court surrounding the current legal battles. Essentially these are the settlment documents. They are located on my 2005 General Meetings Information Page.

The settlment for the petition as filed by the Concerned Students is here, while the settlement for the petition as filed by the KSA is here.

The unfortunate thing is that Kwantlen Univeristy College did not agree to reverse the illegal fee increase. So Kwantlen students are paying more because Kwantlen refused to roll back the damage the RAF did, running a referendum to increase your fees under invalid by-laws back in January 2006. Kwantlen apparently argued it would cost them too much to refund students their money. To resolve this issue quickly, we let it be but it’s simply appears to be just a sad case of Kwantlen looking to protect their own interests again, and ultimately just not caring about the students. Don’t worry – as a representative of the Concerned Students of Kwantlen – I won’t let this issue die. Readers of my site will recall that Kwantlen was well aware of this issue back in March 2005 when I sent them notice that the increase was wrong and that they should not implement it. This wrong will be corrected in due course. In the end it’s all about knowing when to pick your battles.

The most important thing is that ultimately, this settlement helps take a first step to resolving this matter and this fall the Kwantlen students will have their first honest chance to run and vote in the first properly run KSA election.

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