Flickr Photos…

Merry Christmas everyone!

As some of you may know, I keep a photo section on my own personal website ( ), but I have to edit photos for placement to my site, and fiddle with HTML coding for each individual addition which takes forever and a day.

So I’ve opted to put my photos from now on at flickr, a Yahoo! affiliated website that allows me to host my photographs and also allows for users to provide interactive feedback. It will also free up webspace on my own personal website for eventually hosting more home movies / videos. I decided to use it because, well, frankly, it’s the same site that Matthew Good uses and it seems to work for him.

You can visit the site here… I’ve added a lot already:

Including photo-sets of our dogs Kikko & Angel, my 2006 Christmas decorating and much more. More to follow in the days and weeks to come (including old art type shots, cityscape shots, shots of my work at the KSA and much more)! I’d add more now but it’s upsetting my Mom how I’m just sitting here at my computer without helping to prepare for Christmas dinner tonight.


– Steve

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