It’s been a long week – but not as productive as I’d hope it would be and I’m tired.

A lot has been done at the KSA to clean it up and get it ready for re-opening on January 8. The offices were a complete mess on November 1, 2006 and it has taken the last two months to clean things up – but the cleanup is almost done!

Last week, before Christmas Nathan Griffiths, Mohammad Kallas, Trevor Loke, Rob Mumford, Desmond Rodenbour, David Ross, Johnny Woo and myself among others (sorry if I forgot your name!) restored the executive office and the KSA meeting room by moving the furniture, cleaning the windows, steam-cleaning the carpets, wiping down the walls and more.

This week, Trevor Loke and myself have worked to restore and organize the front end of the KSA by doing many of the same things that were done last week. Next week, the rest of the Surrey office will be reorganized and if we get a chance, we’ll double check the other campuses to see if they are ready to go (it is my understanding that they are ready to go).

Before and after pictures have been taken, and are posted at my flicker account in two photo-sets:

KSA: Surrey Campus Office – Before the Cleanup


KSA: Surrey Campus Office – After the Cleanup

More pictures will be posted in the weeks to come. Johnny Woo has also taken a lot of pictures of the state of the KSA in November 2006 which he is going to forward to me this weekend for posting.

That’s about it for now. I’ll write more later.


– Steve

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