allergies suck

Last night I had a bad allergy attack after taking down our building’s Christmas tree.

I was up until 2am sneezing non-stop and this morning, my nose is runny and dry at the same time and I’ve continued the sneezing. So, I’m going to take down our own family tree, located in our living room. I was going to save the job for Sunday, but I don’t need to risk getting another attack on Sunday night to ruin my Monday where I start back to school! So, while I’m in the middle of an attack, might as well finish off what I started and then just sleep the rest of the day.

In between sneezes, I’ve managed to update the graphics that appear on the bottom of all my website pages to reflect the fact that the copyright of my site spans from 1997 – 2007, along with the words “10 years” to denote the fact that I’ve been online now for ten years! It feels like yesterday.

Having this attack sucks because I had a lot planned for today, but I guess it will all work out.

I didn’t do too much yesterday at all. I cleaned my room (which was also very dusty – he says as he sneezes), dusting all of my shelves, organizing my dresser, throwing out old socks that were wearing thin and generally prepared my desk for the start of a new semester. I didn’t go anywhere yesterday (INSERT SNEEZE HERE).

In the evening, as I mentioned, I took down the building’s tree. It saddens me taking this stuff down. It feels like I just put it all up. That, and Lisa Coan didn’t get a chance to see any of the decorating I did (again – she is always so busy over the holidays with family – we hardly ever see each other over the last two weeks of December and during the first week and a half of January).


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– Steve

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