From my WORK BLOG…

Today has been somewhat productive…

– Met with Desmond, Titus and a consultant the KSA has hired to assist with CUPE collective bargaining negotiations that have been ongoing;

– Sorted more paperwork; and

– Worked on a number of HR budget amendments that will be brought to Council very shortly (when the budget was approved, it was noted that there would be some amendments that would have to come forward in the HR staffing area. These amendments will have the effect of lowering the contingency and the full text of these amendments will appear in the up-coming Council agenda);

– Researched possibly amending the budget to lift the tuition benefit that executive board members receive (currently, executive board members receive $700 per year provided they can show proof of enrolment in courses. This was set back in 1999 or 2000, when tuition was approximately $40 per credit. I think it would be fair to see this increased to approximately $1,800 per year as tuition has increased by more than 100% since the $700 level was set). There are other terms attached to this as well, as laid out in our regulations:

– Researched the creation of a new benefit that would hopefully give more incentive to elected officials for attending meetings of council [how would this work? Well, that is being drafted… but the executive felt last fall that this would be a good idea. Right now, I’m thinking we could set it up so that Campus Council Directors, Representatives as well as Liaisons could possibly get $25 for every Council meeting they attend. There are approximately 24 meetings a year (2 per month) and the money would be given out at the end of the year (or at the end of an official’s term of office), and it would be up to the general manager to handle the dispertion of the funds… I know what you may be thinking – it is the duty of all elected offiials to attend these meetings. I agree. But the wages for elected officials is very low and there are nearly no benefits. I do believe that to attract good people, they should be fairly rewarded. And I’m not talking about increasing wages or benefits by crazy amounts as happened last year under the previous administration, as documented on my site:

In fact, no lifts other lifts to the base salary / wages of elected officials is being entertained for 2007 as it cannot technically happen until 2008].

The Finance Committee will be reviewing all salaries / wages to try and provide a minor lift to them for the 2008 fiscal year. If this is a topic that interests you – attend our meetings!

In fact, the dates of the next two Finance Committee meetings were also set by me today, as follows:

– Tuesday, February 27, 2007 – 2pm SURREY
– Thursday, March 8, 2007 – 2pm SURREY

I also got my business cards today – YEAH!

Time to head home…

– Steve

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