From my WORK BLOG…

In my last report to Council, I talked about research I had been doing regarding making the KSA a more environmentally friendly and sustainable organization.

Today, in reading my Organizational Behaviour textbook by Steven L. McShane, I stumbled upon “The Warehouse”, a New Zealand company that McShane says “has adopted Sweden’s Natural Step sustainable development process to reduce dependence on non-renewable substances… It commisions an independent social audit, the results of which appear in annual reports… its strongest symbol of corporate social responsibility is The Warehouse’s aim to eliminate land-fill waste by 2020. To achieve this daunting “zero waste” objective, 29 stores have odourless worm farms to digest all organic refuse from the premises. Eight of The Warehouse stores have already achieved this zero waste goal.”

They post these social audits on their website: under the menu item “Society & Environment”…

It also seems VanCity does a lot on this front as well:

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