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I get through the forms for applying for funding from the Government of Canada for Canada Day events on Canada Day and what do I discover at the end – a part of the form that requires the board of directors to have moved a motion in support of authorizing an individual to make the funding request. This is something that I do not have.

So we will not be getting funding from the Government for our event.

Which is ok. We have funding provided in our 2007 budget. And we will do other means of raising funds and collecting donations.

Another loophole in filling out these forms came in the form of what an organization is allowed to do to cost recover. It is limited and does go against KSA practice (such as charging table fees to for-profit organizaitons like cell phone companies).

This is not something that will be abandoned however. In planning this year’s event, we will work towards structuring it as though we would be getting funding – that is – we will structure it as per the requirements laid out in the applications, and then in 2008, we can more easily submit an application as we will know how to work with their requirements in planning this event.

I hope we will be able to do an amazing event – in the last week of June, on the Surrey and Richmond Campus – have a welcome week like event, with a pancake breakfast, BBQ, bands, DJ, henna artists, caricature artists as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations providing information, etc. I’d also like to see us have rental games such as summo wrestling from Partyworks Interactive

More information on funding from the government is located here:

– Steve

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