am I crazy?

tonight, I purchased and some variants thereof… I want to start a wiki like but for the following TV-Shows:

Law & Order
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: Trial By Jury
The Beat
Homicide: Life on the Street
Hill Street Blues

And perhaps eventually expand it to include other shows such as perhaps – Murder One and NYPD Blue. It won’t contain CSI as I never watch that show. Some of the above universes intertwine. Dick Wolf also had a short run of a show called DEADLINE, which was a fictional show about a newspaper which from time to time actually did cover some Law & Order stories and there were some crossovers – but I don’t think that show is on DVD, so it may not happen.

I’ve never setup a wiki before. I was looking at the wiki site

and I downloaded the stuff. My host still has to setup the account to prep it for use, but it can use PHP and MySQL and it advertises that you can start a wiki using their site so we’ll see. I have a friend who is setting up a wiki at work, for our internal use, I may bring him in to help out.

Overall, I think it could be very cool to have a wiki covering these shows.

Tonight, I bombed an exam – well not totally but I didn’t do too hot. I’m hoping to do better in the future on the final as well as on the project. My internet marketing course is going very well – I’m pleased with my progress in that course (85% average so far).

I have a crapload of writing to catch up in…


time for bed.

– Steve

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