I just finished my 2nd bottle of water today. Only four more to go to reach my goal of at least 6 per day. And I just had some fruit for a snack – some peaches and pineapple.

On the cleaning front: I’ve done my desk. I took my computer apart and dusted out the inside of it – every part – every fan. I cleaned all the shelves and all the cords that run from my computer to other equipment. I also have two VCRs and a Digital Cable Receiver box on my desk, so the same thing was done to them (well I didn’t take them apart lol – but I dusted the cords that run between the various pieces of equipment).

It also looks like I had my speaker cables hooked up wrong – so that is corrected 🙂

I’m gonna dust my bookshelves next… SPRING CLEANING HAS ARRIVED.

– Steve

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