MARCH 24, 2007 !?!?

I can’t believe it is now March 24, 2007.

I have so much work to do! I got up about an hour ago. I have now vowed to:

– Stop eating FRENCH FRIES. There is no intrinsic value to French Fries. They are fried. They have a lot of salt and sodium poured onto them. I’ve had many varieties of french fries – with melted cheese and other things poured onto them. Things that just aren’t very healthy.

– Stop drinking as much pop as I have. I won’t totally stop it altogether as I still like to have say a Vodka-7 if I go to a bar (which is EXTREMELY rare). But pop is basically sugar water. It’s not good for me. I don’t need it.

– Drink more water. I’m back to using my 700ml water bottle. I’m going to fill it up regularly throughout the day and drink it. At least half a dozen times.

– Stop adding sugar to tea.

– Stop eating other junk food.

– Eat more fruit and veggies.

This, on top of working out regularly, should help me become more HEALTHY and IN-SHAPE.

Time to do some cleaning of my ROOM – sooo messy! Then: HOMEWORK.

Oh, I’ve also gone and posted to my personal blog, all of my DIRECTOR OF FINANCE WORK BLOG entries that I have on the recently re-launched KSA online forums. I want there to be a record of the things I’ve posted there, in case the forums are ever deep sixed in the future, as they were a few years ago in 2005 by the RAF dominated KSA.

Finally, a quick shout-out to JEAN, a girl I met online. A very cool girl – very attractive and fun to chat with. I look forward to getting to know her a bit more in the near future…

Dzienkuje – Steve!

PS. If you wondered what I said at the end (Dzienkuje), follow this link.

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