another day, no dollar. homework will mark my sunday.

i woke up this morning around 8am. For breakfast I made fresh waffles and bacon. I’ve been using spelt and a bit of flax mixed in with the normal white flour to make a more healthy batter.

I’m so looking forward to the season three finale of Battlestar Gallactica – one of the best shows on television.

so now, I’m posting to my blog. This week I plan on doing a lot… I’m going to get a lot of planning done on the sexuality fair that I want to hold this fall, as well as on the environmental fair for next spring. I’m going to finish the marketing plan for the KSA (just for the general services and events — plans for the cafe and the fitness centre are still to come).

on a different note…

In visiting the entry on Wikipedia for BORAT which lead me to the article on oral sex which lead me to the following articles on sperm:





Which makes me think we should have some kind of health expert on campus during this fall’s sex fair… as it looks like living and eating more healthy leads to better sex!

Other things I want to have on campus during the fair…

  • Sex Educator Norman Nawrocki who was on campus in 2005. He’s already agreed to come on campus – I just need to get the dates worked out. I may chose to have three different Norman shows – one in Surrey, one in Richmond and one in Langley;
  • the luscious dancers to come and give demonstrations, and perhaps even intro poll dancing lessons;
  • Forest, the digeridoo artist – we had him on campus during a welcome week in 2005 and he was a hit. I’ll post video on what he does with the digeridoo (nothing disgusting) – it’s actually oddly relaxing;
  • various non-profit groups devoted to awareness issues around women’s health, sexuality, sexual safety, pride (LGBT / Queer issues), etc.;
  • perhaps some sex shops on campus with product on hand; and
  • much more?

I don’t know what else to have but I’m open to suggestion.

Time to get ready for the day…

– Steve

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