I’m so crazy.

I have sooo much work to do. I’m super glad I’m finally done updating the results of the surveys I did in 2005. I wanted to use those results to inform my marketing report that I’m behind on now – I think it was due last week! I’m going to be rushing like crazy to finish that today.

This girl I met online, Jean, who I talked about I think briefly in an earlier post (I think I gave her a shout-out in an earlier post)… well her and her b/f just broke up and she was living with him so now she has to find a new place to stay. If she can’t, she may have to go back home to the interior. I’m optimistic that she will find something local and I actually might get to see her later today, so I’m giddy about that but at the same time, concerned that she isn’t doing too well right now.

I’m a little sad that I haven’t talked with Lisa C lately. And when I have, she’s been distant with me. I feel like I don’t even know her anymore and it makes me hurt inside.

On the Facebook front, I’m surprised at how many people are signed onto that thing. I have more than 90 contacts on that thing. There are a lot of Kwantlen students using it as well, which is interesting. I like its uniform look. Unlike Myspace, it has a standard layout that doesn’t change. And there is no annoying music playing on each person’s page.

What else? I’ve been eating a lot more fruit and veggies lately – a few servings each day. I’m also drinking a lot of water. I’ve been doing this since approximately March 21, and I feel a lot healthier already. I just have more energy. I’ve also not had any fries since then. The Gods tested me on this when I ate at White Spot on Thursday. I had asked for a side salad with a chicken burger I had ordered and when they brought me fries I almost kept the fries but instead reminded them I’d asked for a salad. And they brought a salad. And it was good.

Anyway, time to get to work.

– Steve

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