Here are the first 40 pages of the marketing plan for the KSA that I’ve been judiciously working on…

KSA Marketing Plan – Draft 1

The draft includes:

– An introduction;
– A summary of the climate that the KSA exists within (pretty much completed);
– A competitive analysis (not yet completed);
– A target market definition for primary, secondary and tertiary markets (not yet completed).

Please also excuse the fact that there is no table of contents!

I’ve done more than is actually posted here, moving into the KSA as an organization and reviewing the KSA’s offerings, it’s past and current marketing practices as well as recommendations for improving how we market and communicate with our target markets.

The draft report does reference a number of attachments, none of which have been compiled for posting yet. The only things that have been posted are the 2005 survey results, which I posted in an early blog entry.

As always, feedback is welcome.

– Steve

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