From my WORK BLOG…

I just sent this e-mail out regarding my topic of “office cleanliness” that I raised in my report to council in the agenda for this week’s Council meeting

Apparently there has been confusion over comments I made in my finance report.

Let me make this clear – My report is not seeking to go after or be negative towards any individuals. I did not make the comments to lay blame or point fingers at anyone in the KSA.

I’m just encouraging us all to be more proactive about looking after the space around us by keeping it a bit more professional and organized.

I’ve even screwed up on this issue in the past, having purchased chinese food at one time that a number of us shared – and the food containers ended up being left behind. We’ve all complained about this issue in the past and yet we don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

So let’s be proactive. Let’s be positive about it 🙂

– Steve

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