I’m feeling like an ass today because I’ve been feeling ill since last night. I feel like a ton of bricks hit me. My muscles are aching, my stomach is a little off and I have a BAD headache.

Because of this I’m burning bridges? Or at least letting others down.

I got frustrated waiting for a friend last night – we had gone to the movies and she was going to see her sister and I was going to give her a ride there. But she had to get some stuff from her house. I opted to wait in the car, thinking it would encourage her to be quick and I’m sure I told her I really wanted to get home, so I could rest. And time went by. And by. And by. I spoke to two friends on the phone during this wait. Finally, 45 minutes later, I just left. I phoned her sister and told her that I had left and why. Her sister seemed understanding. I just got frustrated with waiting – cause I’ve waited before.

Today, I was supposed to attend a friend’s show, but I’m not feeling up to going out. Even though I haven’t even met this person yet, I feel bad cause I want to meet her and I want to see her show.

And I want to have my window open but someone is jack-hammering somewhere nearby and it’s driving me nuts… but the air conditioning in my room absolutely sucks so it gets warm in here quickly… it’s not comfortable to say the least.

Now my Mum is bugging me to do some housework, which I’m not up to doing.

Bleh. Today feels like it’s the day from hell.

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