Let yourself write…

The following post is an exercise I did, as based on a book I’m reading by Julia Cameron, called “The Right to Write.”

This tool clears away the debris that stands between you and the page. Set aside half an hour. Go to a cafe with writing paper. Buy yourself a cup of coffee, tea, a soda or mineral water. Write out the following exercise.

Step ONE… What are your hidden associations with the term “writer”? Fill in the following as rapidly as possible.

1. Writers are people who have time to look at the world and to record it on paper through the written word. If you don’t have time – you can’t be a writer.
2. Writers are broke.
3. Writers are arrogant.
4. Writers are social outcasts.
5. Writers are loners.
6. Writers are depressed.
7. Writers are moody.
8. Writers are insane? maybe…
9. Writers are …
10. Writers are …

Step TWO… Convert the negative associations to positive affirmations. For example “Writers are crazy” converts to “Writers are sane.” For the next week, write out each of your new positives five times daily.

1. Writers are people who constantly look at the world to record it on paper through the written word. Anyone can find the time to do this if they want to – it does not have to be stressful – if someone wants to do this, they can find the time to do it.
2. Writers who write for a living are not always broke. If you do what you enjoy doing, you will find a way to live.
3. Some writers may be arrogant, but not all writers are arrogant. Anyone can be arrogant or snooty – as though they are better than others.
4. Writers are not social outcasts – people write daily through many means.
5. Writers have friends.
6. Writers have emotions like everyone else. They may live more closely to them than others, but they are not necessarily depressed.
7. Writers are people.
8. Writers are sane.
9. & 10. I couldn’t come up with ten negative perceptions that I may have about writers.

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