late night morning pages…

I’m probably not going to get a chance to do this in the morning, and I may not get a chance to do this for a week… So, considering it is now 12:10am, I figure I’ll write it now before going to bed.

It’s kind of cheating, I know.

So what did I do today? Not as much as I had hoped. I did some work this afternoon. Sorting papers. I have so many papers and other things lying around my room (well not lying in a disorganized state – my room is fairly clean and organized – but they are there nonetheless).

I was tired though, so I ended up dozing off for an hour or two later this afternoon.

I didn’t get a chance to post anything online. I just wasn’t in the mood. If I get a chance on the plane, I will work on setting up the pages for that on my laptop.

I finished one set of the minutes I had wanted to finish. I still have one more set, which I will probably do in the morning.

I’m debating whether or not to take my digital video camera with me. I’m thinking though, I will probably not need it or get a chance to use it. In thinking back a few years to the last one of these I went to, I don’t remember a need to use it. I remember the sessions at the CFS are long, going from 9 or 10am in the morning to very late at night.

I’ll probably just take my smaller 10MP camera, and leave the bulkier digital video at home. If it was a different conference, I’d probably take it… but it’s not.

What else did I do today? I went out for dinner – or to get take out that is. Mom had a pasta dish from White Spot, while I had soup and a burger. I tried the new bigger burger, which is a bigger patty and it was filling.

After dinner, I watched some TV and then came to my room to work on minutes. Then, I did some more sorting and cleaning up of my room so that it is presentable while I am away.

Tomorrow – I have a lot to do. I plan to be up early, so I can finish the second set of minutes I am responsible for. If I have time, I’ll also do up the agenda for my finance committee meeting I am supposed to have tomorrow after Council. If I don’t get an agenda ready, I’ll probably just cancel the meeting. Right now, I just have one person for sure coming to the meeting and one possible person coming. The other two who are on my committee have not been told there is a meeting tomorrow, unless they read my report to tomorrow’s council agenda that they would have received on Saturday.

So I got some stuff done…

I did some reading this afternoon too – I’m trying to work through Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits” book, which I had started reading a year ago but never finished. It’s a good book and fits in well with my summer of self-exploration.

So tomorrow, I have to pack. My suitcase smells like mothballs as someone in our storage locker is using them. Which means everyone else who has their locker in the same space is using them now too… whether they like it or not. The strata council has posted notice asking that the mothballs be removed, but so far, they have not been removed. It’s disgusting really. The smell is so strong that you can smell it as you approach the locker room. And once you are in the locker room, it overwhelms you so that you can’t spend a lot of time in there. And once you leave, you take the smell with you as it covers your clothes and your hair, and almost anything you may have stored in the locker room. I’ve brought books up that now smell of mothballs. The toilet paper and paper towels (even though they are wrapped in plastic) also smell. It’s disgusting. When I get back, I’ll write a complaint about it to the strata, and I may even propose a bylaw amendment so that the use of mothballs is banned.

Anyway, I may not be posting much to my blog in the week to come… if I get the chance, I will, if not, see you in one week!

Take care everyone – and hey! Let’s be careful out there…

– Steve

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