quotes asked for…

I just sent e-mails to both ACF Films and to Criterion Pictures, asking for quotes on getting a feature film licence.

Both companies represent different distributors. In the past, I recommended the KSA go with ACF, as I feel the films they have access to more closely fall in line with the kinds of films we would want to show as an organization. But, if the price is right, we may be able to get licences from both companies. The licences I hope we will get give the KSA the ability to charge admission, which would allow clubs to also charge as a fundraising tool.

The KSA last looked at getting a licence in late 2004 / early 2005 but the attempt to acquire a licence was squashed by the previous administration. Details regarding the KSA’s last attempt to get a licence are located here:

Attempt to expand student life squashed by RAF…

Specifically, here is the Proposal for a Feature Film Licence.

I hope we can have a licence in place by July 1. We did pass money for this in our budget back in January, but I had held off on obtaining quotes until after our referendum that we held this past spring. Had the referendum passed and been implemented in fall 2005, we most likely would have had to have cut $100,000 from our budget this year… and this would have been one of the areas to go. But the referendum did not go through, so now we have the funding available for a licence!

Anyway, it is now time for me to get going,

– Steve

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