update on quotes…

I heard back from ACF this afternoon and they will be reviewing the information I sent them today as well as information they have on file in regards to getting us a quote.

ACF was the organization the KSA had selected to acquire a licence from in 2005. Sadly, the acquisition was halted by RAF.

In my initial e-mail to him, I explained briefly the situation over the past year and a half, and how we had taken the previous KSA administration to court. To this, the sales representative said “We also appreciate the differences between your organisation and the previous one.”

I didn’t hear back from Criterion Pictures though. I’m sure I will within the next 24 – 48 hours, as I know they have always been persistent in wanting the KSA’s business. And the KSA has a bit more money this year, so if the prices are right, we may be able to get licences from both organizations, which would be ideal. We already have one group of students in Richmond wanting to form a movie club, and I’m sure with a little advertising we can end up with many students benefiting from a licence.

In other news, the KSA has now gone green! We are now using knives, forks, spoons, cups, napkins (etc. etc. etc.) that are bio-degradable, as they are made from corn and other similar things. I don’t have the specific distributor information on me right now, but I’ve asked our Commercial Services Manager to forward me the information so that I can post it online.

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