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As promised, here is some information on the various ways the KSA is going green…

New Biodegradable Products…

The KSA is now going green by buying environmentally friendly, biodegradable products for use in our cafe operations. The KSA’s new supplier is Green Shift and the KSA is currently using the following products in the KSA Cafe…

  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Heavy Duty Industrial All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser
  • 12oz. 4.25D x 2.38H, 500/case.
  • Lid for 12oz bowl: 4.41D x 0.43H, 500/case
  • 17oz. 4.49D x 3.27H, 500/case
  • Lid for 17oz bowl: 4.66D x 0.43H, 500/case
  • Take-Out Container: 6.3L x 6.06W x 3.19H (inches) 15.5oz.
  • Take-Out Container: 7.2L x 6.54W x 2.56H (inches) 20.5oz.
  • Take-Out Container: 8″ square
  • Small 7″ Plate: 7.09D x 0.71H
  • Large 9″ Plate:9.05D x 0.79H – 10oz -solid/sturdy, 500/case 0.13/unit
  • 2oz Clear Portion Cup: for dips, dressing, sauces
  • Lids for 2oz Clear Portion Cups
  • Knife, Fork and Spoon
  • 10-16oz black raised lids (ie. like dome) -1200/case
  • 10 oz, 12 and 16 oz cup
  • Flat lid for 10 oz, 12 and 16 oz cup
  • 14, 9 and 16oz Clear Cup: for cold drinks
  • Latex Gloves: Natural & biodegradable
  • Glass Cleaner

The KSA also plans to use these items at future KSA events such as BBQs and other food serving events and will expand the use of the cleaners (such as glass cleaner) across all KSA offices.

Corn Commuter Mugs Now on Sale…

On another note, the KSA is also featuring new biodegradable Corn Commuter Mugs, from Kelsey Promo (picture of our mug to be posted shortly). The KSA charges $11.25 per mug, which includes tax and a free beverage on the first use of the mug (some visitors may remember that when the KSA previously sold mugs, $1.00 from every purchase was put towards KSA awards and bursaries – currently this is not being done and the pricing just covers costs).

The mugs are currently available at the KSA Cafe and at your campus’s Member Service Office.

The KSA Cafe Green Discount…

The KSA cafe now offers a discount of $0.25 cents for everyone that bring their own mug to use for the drink that they order.

Green Photocopying…

The KSA is now using energy and ink efficient copiers on all of its campuses and also uses 100% recycled paper (35% post consumer). B&W copying currently costs $0.10 per page and you don’t require a copy card to access this rate.

In the near future, copy cards will be available at local Member Service Offices at a significantly lower per page cost than what is offered by Kwantlen Univeristy College.

Why has the KSA gone green?

The KSA was inspired to go green earlier this year, based on its environmental policies as well as on the fact that other student unions such as the University of Manitoba Students Union who are also using biodegradable products in its operations.

The KSA encourages Kwantlen University College as well as other institutions and student unions to also go green.

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